“Designed for YA readers, yet reaching for a broad audience, Sand Runner is a top-notch read, especially for those dedicated fans of The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner.”  Publishers Daily Reviews

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Welcome to the No Limits Race.Print

In the near future, 16-year-old Kaiden Reed makes a bold and dangerous decision to enter the most brutal sports competition on the planet. One in which he will undergo a radical upgrade and become a new kind of athlete and a new kind of hero.

Part human. Part machine.

All Kai wants is a shot at a better life and to impress the girl of his dreams. But the stakes in the Race are higher, and the choices tougher, than Kai ever imagined. The physical challenges are just the beginning.

Ten days. Ten contenders. One winner.

Does Kai have what it takes to compete? How far will he go to win? And should he trust the person who recruited him in the first place – or is she using him to carry out a bold and dangerous agenda of her own?

Don’t miss the gripping new novel that Publishers Daily Reviews describes as a “fast-paced and highly edgy read” and a “heart-stopping adventure.”


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